The Health and Safety of Your Reptiles in Summer

Summer is proven to be difficult for reptile breeders. The health and safety of reptiles should be a top priority. For that reason, it is ideal to choose the best reptile breeding racks with some special devices to keep tabs on the conditions in a tank.

At Painted Reptile, we recommend having thermometers and humidity gauges. They allow you to get accurate readings to reach the most recommended thermal gradient. Now, if the racks need adjustments in their temperature, it is good to stock up on watt lamps.

It is also ideal to have humidifying devices as the summer months roll on.

One of the worst things that you can do to your reptiles is to place the reptile breeding racks in direct sunlight. Amplifying the temperature is proven to be lethal to your reptiles. Most reptiles can manage certain degrees of cold. However, extreme heat can kill some reptiles in minutes.

If you are buying reptiles in summer, it is best to transport them directly to your home. During transport, ensure that you keep them in the shade, and the air conditioning system should be on all the time.

Temperature range that reptiles need

It depends on the kind of reptile you keep. Tropical species requires temperatures between 80F and 100F. Temperate species need temperatures between 70F and 90F.

Cleanliness is vital for your reptiles’ health and safety in summer. When you are handling a reptile of any kind, make sure to wash your hands after. Then, wear latex gloves, especially when you handle critters as their skin secretes toxins.

You must provide clean food and water each day to remove residue and safeguard your pets against harmful bacteria.

Don’t allow young children to handle the animals. If they want to, they must be monitored so they won’t put them in their mouth.

If you are just purchasing reptiles, you need to ask the retailer of what animals can live together in one cage. Bear in mind that different species need different heat, light, space and food. Avoid putting incompatible reptiles together as it can only cause tragedy.


The Health and Safety of Your Reptiles in Summer


Ensure that the lines of communication between you and your retailer are open. Make sure that you only deal with educated retailers. In this way, you can avoid becoming an impulsive buyer the may affect how you care for the reptiles.

Before you buy reptiles as your pet, you should educate yourself about the health and safety of these animals. If you are breeding, ensure that you know the right breeding racks you need.

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