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When You Need Reptile Supplies in Reseda

Owning a reptile for a pet can be a fantastic experience. It gives you the chance to have an exotic animal right in your own home that you can interact with and watch. Having reptile such as a snake, turtle, tortoise or lizard is nothing like having a dog or cat for a pet and these reptiles require certain types of living environments, supplements and care in order to be happy and thrive. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for reptile owners to find a source for all of the supplies that they are in need of. Luckily, if you are in need of reptile supplies in Reseda, our store can be just the answer for you.

Beyond of the Typical Pet Store

For most reptile owners, the frustration comes when trying to find the right food, cages, supplies, and supplements that their pet may need. The typical local pet store is likely to have very little in the way of supplies designed specifically for reptiles. Even the large chain pet stores very often do not have much that is designed to cater to owners of reptiles. You may be able to find a few things but if you are in search of something specific it can be difficult for you to track down. This is where our store can be a big help to you.

Everything You Need

When You Need Reptile Supplies in Reseda

Here at the Painted Reptile, we offer all of the reptile supplies in Reseda that you could possibly need. We specialize only in reptiles and reptile supplies and can provide you with all of the accessories, supplies, food, supplements, lighting and heating and everything else that you may require to help keep your pet happy, healthy and safe. We offer materials from all of the best reptile supply manufacturers and have many unique items that you may not be able to find anywhere else that can be perfect for your pet.

Contact Us Today

If you are looking for a good source for reptile supplies in Reseda or the surrounding area, let us help you by giving us a call at 818-654-9441. You can also visit our website at so that you can see the vast selection of supplies that we currently have available and place online orders that you can have delivered directly to your home for your convenience. You can find all of the high quality supplies and materials designed specifically for reptiles right at our store.

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