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Find the Right Outdoor Reptile Cage to Safely House Your Pet

Housing certain reptiles can be a little tricky for many people. Depending on the type of reptile and its size, you may not have room in your home for the proper cage so that it can move around and flourish. The environment you live in may be better suited to having a cage that you can place outdoors so that your reptile can enjoy the temperature, humidity and setting outdoors that is much closer to their natural habitat. When you are considering housing your reptile outdoors, it is very important that you spend some time looking for the proper outdoor reptile cage so that your pet can live safely and securely.

The Proper Protection is Needed

You want to make sure that any cage you are considering for outdoor use is going to provide your pet with the proper levels of protection that they need. Any cage you look at should be one that has proper safety features and locks so that you will not have to worry about your reptile easily escaping the cage and getting lost. You also need to be sure that the cage is built well and is secure enough so that it can keep potential predators that may be outside from getting into your cage and harming your pet. Look for something that is sturdily built so you can be confident that it can withstand any attempts to break in and that it will hold up well in the elements.

Consider the Size

Size is also very important when you are looking for an outdoor reptile cage. Reptiles like Bearded Dragons or iguanas can grow to be quite large, so you need to make sure that the cage you purchase is going to have adequate space for them, so they will be comfortable living and moving around. Check to see how much space you have outdoors and what size cage will fit comfortably and be appropriate for your pet before you decide on a purchase.

Talk to Experts

If you have any questions regarding the right outdoor reptile cage for your pet or are looking for cages, supplies, and accessories, take the time to visit our website at or contact us at the Painted Reptile by calling 818-697-5870. You can speak to someone on our staff that can assist you in selecting the right cage and supplies so that your reptile can be happy and comfortable, indoors or out.

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