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Knowing the Basics about Reptile Enclosures

So you have finally decided to take the plunge and get a reptile of your very own. You have always been fascinated by the different reptiles and have wanted to own one for yourself but never had the opportunity until now. Now that you are ready to have one, you want to make sure you do a little bit of prep work before you actually go out and get that reptile that you really want. One of the first steps you want to take is to make sure you have the proper home for a reptile. This means you want to take a look at the different reptile enclosures available so you can choose the right one. Here are a few basics you want to consider first about enclosures before you make your purchase.

Know the Size You Need

A lot about what you get is determined by the type of reptile you are planning to own. While certain reptiles like different species of frogs or other amphibians may not need a great deal of space, others like larger lizards or snakes may need to have much bigger enclosures. You want your pet to be completely comfortable in their surroundings and have room to move around and grow the way that they should, so be sure to choose the right size of tank or cage that you may need. You also want to make sure that you have the proper space in your home to fit the enclosure comfortably and safely.

Basics about Reptile Enclosures

Get Something Secure

While some people may try to make something of their own or just piece together an enclosure with an old tank that they may have, you want to make sure that any of the reptile enclosures you plan to use can be safe and secure. You want to know that you reptile will not be able to get out on its own so having a proper lid that fits the way it should with secure closures will help you to keep your reptile safe from harm.

Once you know exactly what you need you want to turn to a source like the Painted Reptile to help you find the right reptile enclosures. You can see what they have available at or call them 818-654-9441 to ask any questions and learn more about what type of tank or cage would be best for your reptile.

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