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Responsible Reptile Owners Choose the Right Reptile Cages for Their Pets

Having any pet requires a commitment on your part to make sure they receive the best care and attention and live a happy life. This issue is the same whether you own a cat, dog, bird, fish or reptiles. There has been a growing fascination with reptiles in recent years that has made more people look to become owners of large lizards like iguanas or particular species of snakes, because they look interesting. The problem comes when novice pet owners buy an exotic reptile like these and do not know the proper way to care for and house it. The reptile suffers and fails to thrive and may end up getting released or abandoned unnecessarily. Responsible pet owners make sure that they choose the right reptile cages for their pets, so the pet gets the best care possible.

Selecting the Proper Environment

When you own a reptile, you want to make sure that the cage you select is the right environment for your new pet. Many people try to adjust and make old fish tanks or other cages they previously owned fit their pets, but this is not necessarily the best solution or answer. Even building a cage of your own can be troublesome if you are not sure what the cage should have or contain. You want to make sure you create an environment that closely mimics the atmosphere and conditions that the reptile would experience in the wild, so they are most comfortable.

Getting the Proper Size

It is important that as you look at reptile cages, you make sure you purchase something that is the correct size for your reptile. While a small lizard may not require a great deal of space to live in and can make do with a smaller cage, a large reptile or snake needs much more space so that they can move around easily and grow. The proper space will allow your pet to thrive and live a happier life.

Fine Options for Cages

If you are getting a reptile for the first time and want to make sure you have the right home for it, look at the reptile cages that we offer for sale here at Painted Reptile. We have a great selection of cages, large and small, for all species of reptiles so you can get just what you need for your home. You can check out the cages available at our website at, or you can give us a call at 818-654-9441 to ask questions so we can help you select the best cage for your pet.

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