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Why It’s Okay to Ship Live Reptiles to Your Home

If you have a real love and interest in reptiles then you likely want to have some different animals of your own in your home. This may go beyond just getting the typical tree frog, snake or turtle that you may find in a lot of local pet stores. The problem is that you may not have a good source for getting the reptiles that you really want the most. You may have seen them advertised online at different stores, but you have always questioned just how you would get them. You may wonder if it is okay to ship live reptiles to your home and the answer is yes, if you order from a place you can trust.

Ordering Reptiles Online

There are a number of different pet stores and services where you can buy live reptiles online, but you do want to be careful about where you order from. Make sure you do some investigation on the place you are ordering from first so you can be sure they are coming from a reliable source that is going to send healthy animals. Once you find a place you can trust, check over what their shipping policies are regarding how they ship live reptiles so you can be sure it is something you are comfortable with. You may find that the shipping costs may be a little higher but that is to be expected since the animals need to be sent overnight to you to make sure they get there safely.

Examine Refund Policies

Even under the best shipping circumstances, things can still happen when you are dealing with live animals, so it is important that you are aware of all of the policies from the establishment you are ordering from. Ask what the policies are if the reptiles arrive injured or sick so you know just what to do in case this does happen. Most reputable stores have policies covering accidents of this nature, but you want to know about them before you order anything just in case you are investing a lot of money only to find out you have no recourse if the reptile arrives sick or injured.

You want to be sure you find a place you can trust that will ship live reptiles to you. Check out what the Painted Reptile has available at so you can see what can be sold and what your options are so you can have a good place to get the reptiles you want.

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