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The San Fernando Reptile Store That Has it All

Owning reptiles for pets brings you a great amount of joy. You get to be with them and watch them in your home, interact with them and enjoy how they live their lives. Whether you are just starting out with your first reptile pet or have had them for pets for many years, you may realize that getting all of the proper supplies for your pet can sometimes be something of a challenge for you. It is not always easy to find a place that has everything that you may need for your very special and unique pet. Luckily, we can be just the source you are looking for. At the Painted Reptile, we are the San Fernando Valley reptile store that you want for all of your reptile supplies.

The Specialty Store That is Needed

We understand that having an exotic pet means that their special needs have to be catered to in order to keep them happy and healthy. That is why we created our store in the Los Angeles area. All too often we hear from customers that they are never able to find the supplements, food, cages and supplies that their pet requires at a local pet store or one of those big box pet store franchises. We have made it our mission to have all of the supplies you may need for your snake, lizard, tortoise, turtle or frog so that can make sure they have just what they need.

The San Fernando Reptile Store That Has it All

An Online Shop for Easy Access

For those that may not live in the Los Angeles area and cannot access our San Fernando Valley reptile store directly, our website offers you the ease and convenience of ordering anything that you may need from our shop and having it shipped directly to you. You will find thousands of items listed on our website so you can log on, buy what you have been searching for and have it sent to your door quickly, easily and securely at any time of day or night.

See All We Have

At the Painted Reptile, we are proud to be the San Fernando Valley reptile store more people to turn to for their reptile supplies. Take the time to visit our website at, so you can see just what we have available in our shop and order what you need. You can also feel free to call us at 818-697-5870 if you have any questions or need help in deciding on what to get for your pets.

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