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Painted Reptile is a Los Angeles based exotic animal pet store focusing on the world of reptiles, amphibians and insects.  Located in the San Fernando Valley, we have one of the largest display rooms on our side of Los Angeles. We work hard to keep the exotic side of the pet world alive and thriving by bringing you the greatest prices and latest in supplies.  We carry all the biggest and newest brands, and we stock over 1000 different items.  We carry feeders, incubators, hooks, tongs, books, cages, substrate, lighting, cage decor, rocks and more.

Here at the Painted Reptile we also have fun on the social networking platforms. Bringing you sales, deals, games and updates from around the shop.  We are often shooting YouTube videos and pictures throughout the day to show everyone our experiences around Painted Reptile. In case you don’t have a chance to visit our YouTube channels or surf all of our social networking sites, we have created this weekly blog to help brings the videos right to you.




In this video we are feeding our Legless Lizard a roach and yes it’s a lizard and not a snake. Legless lizards are often confused as snakes, but they have characteristics that differ from snakes. First off legless lizards don’t have the flat, forked tongue like snakes do. They also have noticeable ears, whereas snakes do not. Legless lizards can also drop their tail if they feel threatened.


European Legless Lizard Eating Roach





The Cobalt Blue Tarantula is one of the most aggressive species of tarantulas on Earth. Unlike, most tarantulas the Cobalt Blue can’t flick the hairs on their abdomen at predators. Its only defense against predators are its fangs, which can inflict a very painful bite. The blue cobalt tarantula spends most of its time inside a burrow and will venture out at night for food.



Aggressive Cobalt Blue Tarantula





Amazon tree boas are an arboreal species of snake, which means they spend most of their life up in the trees. While up in the trees they tend to sit and wait for their prey come by so they can ambush, strike and wrap their body around their prey to suffocate them. They are a non-venomous snake. These species of snake are aggressive and are not the greatest for beginner reptile owners.


Amazon Tree Boa Biting Camera


Thanks for watching all of our videos and supporting the Painted Reptile. Be sure to call our retail store (818) 654-9441 or go to https://www.paintedreptile.com for animals for sale, all the supplies you could ever need and more. Be sure to follow us on all our social networking sites!

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Coming next week:

Next week we’ll have showing more on what and how our animals eat.

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