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The Different Types of Water Bowls for Reptiles

You want to be sure that you have everything you need so that your pet is happy, healthy and comfortable all of the time. This is particularly true of a unique pet like a reptile. Reptiles often have very special needs, depending on the particular species, and may need to have certain special supplies to make their living environment as good as possible. When you are first setting up your cage or tank for your pet, you want to give close consideration to the type of bowls you select to use in the tank for food and water. At the Painted Reptile, we offer water bowls for reptiles that are specifically designed for different reptiles to provide them with clean, easy access they need to water each day.

Natural-Looking Dishes

When you are thinking about bowls for water for your pet, you do want to consider what type of reptile you own and how they would typically access water when they are living in the wild. Most reptiles may only have the need for a shallow water dish that is easy for them to access when they want water. You may not want something that is deep or difficult to climb out of for them since this can create a hazard, particularly for smaller reptiles that might have a hard time scaling smooth-sided bowls. We offer a variety of different water dishes that are varying sizes and depths and have a natural look to them so that they can blend in nicely with the environment in the cage and have your reptile feel comfortable.

A Source for Proper Bowls

The Different Types of Water Bowls for Reptiles

Many reptile owners run into the problem of finding different types of water bowls for reptiles in their local area. The bowls found at the usual pet store or large pet store chain may not be best suited for a reptile, meaning you have to try to make do with what you have or get creative and come up with something on your own. That is why we offer a variety of bowls on our website so that you can easily select a style and size suitable for your pet and have it shipped right to your home.

Check Our Selection Today

If you would like to see the different water bowls for reptiles that we currently have available, head over to our website at www.paintedreptile.com. You will find dozens of options available to you that are perfect for your lizard, turtle, snake or another reptile. You can also call us directly at the Painted Reptile at 818-697-5870 should you have any questions about the bowls or what might be best for your pet so you can be sure to make the right purchase.

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