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Painted Reptile is a Los Angeles based exotic animal pet store focusing on the world of reptiles, amphibians and insects.  Located in the San Fernando Valley, we have one of the largest display rooms on our side of Los Angeles. We work hard to keep the exotic side of the pet world alive and thriving by bringing you the greatest prices and latest in supplies.  We carry all the biggest and newest brands, and we stock over 1000 different items.  We carry feeders, incubators, hooks, tongs, books, cages, substrate, lighting, cage decor, rocks and more.  


Here at the Painted Reptile we also have fun on the social networking platforms. Bringing you sales, deals, games and updates from around the shop.  We are often shooting YouTube videos and pictures throughout the day to show everyone our experiences around Painted Reptile. In case you don’t have a chance to visit our YouTube channels or surf all of our social networking sites, we have created this weekly blog to help brings the videos right to you.




We get in Red Eared Sliders constantly mainly because most people don’t really know what it takes to care for these animals. These turtle have a lifespan of about 30 years! That’s quite a long time for a pet, but unfortunately many people don’t know that. Red eared sliders get their name from the bright red spots on the sides of their head. They are omnivores and they will eat almost anything. In captivity they can be fed turtle pellets as well as an assortment of insects.  


Red Eared Slider Drop Offs




In this video we have one of our albino California Kingsnakes shedding its skin. When snakes they actually shed their entire body including their eyes. If it a good shed it will come out in one clean piece. Kingsnakes can eat many different animals such as rodents, lizards, and snakes. They are most well known for being able to eat Rattlesnakes.


Kingsnake Shedding Skin




There are many species of Tegu, but the one in our video is an Argentine Black and White Tegu. Tegus are a type of lizard that can get pretty large reaching up to about four and half feet in length. They are omnivores and in the wild they will eat fruit, rodents, eggs, birds, amphibians, and insects. Tegus are a very intelligent animals and are known to be able to recognize and bond with their owners.


Tegu Does Small Jump For His Food


Thanks for watching all of our videos and supporting the Painted Reptile. Be sure to call our retail store (818) 654-9441 or go to https://www.paintedreptile.com for animals for sale, all the supplies you could ever need and more. Be sure to follow us on all our social networking sites!

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