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Can Places Ship Live Reptiles?

You have always wanted to have a reptile or two of your very own to watch and interact with but perhaps you never had the space for one until just recently. Now that you have the space you may not have anyplace nearby to you that actually offers the reptiles you want for sale. Reptiles may not be plentiful at the typical local pet store and even some of the larger chain stores that may be in your area do not carry very much in the way of reptiles or supplies. So where are you to turn when you want a reptile? There are a number of places that you have seen online but you have always questioned – can places ship live reptiles to your home?

Shipping is Possible

Getting live reptiles sent right to your home is very possible today. In fact, there are a number of pet stores online that specialize only in offering reptiles and supplies. This can make it much easier for you to find a place that you can get your reptile from. All you need to do is search for the particular reptile you are most interested in and find an online shop that has one for sale and can provide you with the shipping you are looking for.

Can Places Ship Live Reptiles

Things to Remember

There are a couple of things you need to note about places that ship live reptiles. Only order your reptile from a place that is going to ship your reptile to you overnight so that you can be sure that it arrives safely. You likely are going to need to be home to accept delivery and sign for the package so make sure you can make arrangements to be there or have someone there for you to accept the package. You also want to be aware of what the store’s policies are regarding shipping, shipping costs and any guarantee or return policies should something be wrong when the reptile arrives.

Now that you know that places can ship live reptiles to you, it is just a matter of you finding what you are looking for. You can get just the reptiles you are looking for sent right to you when you buy from the Painted Reptile. Go to their website today at or call the store directly at 818-654-9441 so you can see what reptiles they have for sale and arrange to get the one that you want.

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