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Find a Shop for Reptile Supplies in Reseda

While many of your friends or members of your family may have pets like a dog, cat, bird or fish, you have decided that you have an interest in something more exotic and different. You have always had a fascination with reptiles, and now that you have a space of your own and the room, you are ready to get one for a pet. Of course, choosing a reptile means choosing everything you need for that reptile so that they have a safe, comfortable environment that they can live in, be happy and thrive. The problem may become not finding the reptile you want, but find a source for all of the items you need for your pet. Luckily, if you are looking for reptile supplies in Reseda, we know just the shop for you – The Painted Reptile.

Nothing but Reptiles

Here at The Painted Reptile, we go beyond what you will find at the typical big box, chain pet stores many communities have today. We are even different from most of the pet stores you probably have seen come and go in your area. All we do is specialize in reptiles and reptile products. This specialization allows us to be experts when it comes to reptiles so that we can give you the best advice possible about products, supplies, and reptiles themselves. You will find a wide variety of items in our shop so that you can get whatever you may need for your pet to make them happy and healthy.

You Name it, WeHave it

You will find that you want to come to us for all of your reptile supplies in Reseda. If you can think of an item that you need for your pet, the odds are pretty good that we already have it in stock waiting for you. We offer everything from custom-made tanks for your pets to bedding, supplements, medicine, food, incubators for breeding purposes, lighting, heat sources, and décor for tanks and much more. We even have a wide array of different live reptiles that we offer for sale so that you can find the perfect pet that you are seeking.

Visit Us Today

When you need reptile supplies in Reseda, the place to come is to the Painted Reptile. You can visit our storefront and retail facility to see our items in person, or you can go to our website at You can find hundreds of items for sale on our site, and we can ship directly to you anywhere in the United States so you can get just what you require for the special pet in your life.

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