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Painted Reptile is a Los Angeles based exotic animal pet store focusing on the world of reptiles, amphibians and insects.  Located in the San Fernando Valley, we have one of the largest display rooms on our side of Los Angeles. We work hard to keep the exotic side of the pet world alive and thriving by bringing you the greatest prices and latest in supplies.  We carry all the biggest and newest brands, and we stock over 1000 different items.  We carry feeders, incubators, hooks, tongs, books, cages, substrate, lighting, cage decor, rocks and more.  


Here at the Painted Reptile we also strive to bring customers the highest quality animals and products.  At Painted Reptile we offer beautiful reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and occasionally mammals.  With everything from beginner level reptiles to the latest in high-end reptile morphs.  This blog article is to feature 3 amazing animals that are for sale for the week. If you see anything you are interested in do not hesitate to call our retail facility (818) 654-9441 for questions.


Featured Animal #1    

Desert Hairy Scorpion    (Hadrurus arizonensis)     

desert hairy2


Additional Info:    ID#10424 Feeding on small crickets



Brief Care Notes:   The Desert Hairy is the largest scorpion in North America. This species is known to be aggressive although it does not have very strong venom. The Desert Hairy is extremely active burrowing species.


Featured Animal #2

Vinegaroon     ( Mastigoproctus gigantus)  



Additional Info:    ID#10426 (5 available) Feeding on large crickets



Brief Care Notes:   The Vinegaroon is species of whip scorpion, which does not actually have a stinger. This species is very docile and calm. This creepy looking Arachnid makes the perfect addition to anyone keeping a collection, or someone who just wants a cool looking pet.

Featured Animal #3    

Emperor Scorpion    (Pandinus dictator)   

emperior scorpion 2



Additional Info:    ID#10421 (Two available) Feeding on large crickets



Brief Care Notes: Emperors are one of the larger species growing to be about 6 inches in size and lives between 6 and 8 years. This species is from Africa and requires a warm and humid environment. Although it is not particularly dangerous it is not recommended to handle frequently.


All of the animals above need lots of love and care but also have many different products that can be used to help care for them. Here is a featured product that all three of the above animals can use.


Feature Product

Exo Terra Reptile Cave  $5.99 (Sm)

These caves provide a natural, secure hiding place for reptiles. Very stable and easy to clean.

Sizes and Specs:

Sm 6 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 2″

                                                                   Med 9″ x 5 3/4″ x 3″

                                                                   Lg 11 x 9 x 3


Check out the rest of our site for all your reptile and supply needs! We have one of the largest assortments of reptile products for sale at low prices! Look at the different styles of reptile cages we have available for your pet! Once you have a great cage, you can make it look great with cool natural-looking water and food bowls and awesome styles of hide spots! We even have products to keep cages humid, including spray/misting systems and even beautiful waterfalls for your reptile cage!

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We always have lots of amazing animals at the Painted Reptile.  Be sure to check us our at https://www.paintedreptile.com for even more animals that we have for sale, along with all the supplies you could ever need.  Here are some links to many of the other supplies we have for sale.


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