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Let Your Reptiles Live in Custom Creature Condos

If you own a reptile or more than one, you know how difficult it can be to house your pets in some of the standard cages and tanks that most people use today. These cages are not ideal for your pets since they may not provide the best comfort, temperature or living space so that your pet can truly thrive and be happy. Reptiles need to have just the right atmosphere to be their happiest and these cages typically fall a bit short. We at the Painted Reptile noticed this problem long ago, which is why we have come up with our own line of specialty reptile cages for you. Our custom creature condos are just what you are looking for to have the best home for your pet.

Made of Quality Materials

The cages that we have made are constructed of the best materials so that you will get the safest environment for your pet and a cage that will last many years. Our cages are made from high-density PVC, meaning they are water resistant, flame retardant and will not bend or warp after years of use by your pet. Our cages are made from plastic that is porous so that it is self-extinguishing should there ever be a problem. The cages are sealed at the edges to help the cage retain heat and humidity better to provide the best living atmosphere for your pet. You will not have to worry about your home or your pet when you go away since they will have the safest cage possible.

All the Add-Ons You Want

Let Your Reptiles Live in Custom Creature Condos

We have also made sure that our creature condos have all of the accessories and capabilities that you want to make your home for your pet the best. Out custom thermometer/hygrometer comes pre-installed into the cage wall, so you will never have to worry about knowing the right temperature or humidity in the cage. Rear ventilation is available in three different types so you can be sure your pet gets just the airflow it needs all of the time. The cages have many other features that make them ideal for your house.

Learn More about Our Cages

You can learn more about the creature condos that we offer today by visiting our website at You can find out about all of the features of the cages, the different sizes we have available, costs and more and then select the cage best suited for your pet. You can then have the perfect home for your pet so they can live a happy and healthy life with you.

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