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Chameleons are Colorful and in Demand

When people think of reptiles for pets, they immediately consider crested geckos or snakes. But they are not the only reptiles for pets that you can find at Painted Reptile and other reptile shops. Chameleon, for one, is one of the most popular species in the reptile family.

 Although chameleons grow in popularity, consumers have some misconceptions about them. When you overcome those mistakes, however, you would find that they are friendly.

 Chameleons belong to the Chamaeleonidae family. This family has approximately 200 species across all continents in the eastern hemisphere. They are known for their zygodactylous feet and long sticky tongues.

 The most common type of chameleons in the pet trade is the Panther type.

 Caring for chameleons may vary from one species to another. However, most of them can survive in a humid environment with enough airflow. Cages for this type of reptile usually have mesh sides, instead of the glass ones. In this way, the reptiles will have better airflow and circulation.

Are chameleons aggressive?

This is one of the misconceptions that must be corrected. Chameleons hiss as part of their defense mechanisms. If they could sense that you are an intruder, they immediately show their mouth, or they may bite you.

 Captive chameleons demonstrate that genetic trait. Once they have adapted to their environment, they could change such habit.

 For that reason, it is best to know how to make chameleon as a pet. Chameleons tend to dislike petting, which may lead to their aggressive reactions. If you are a first-time reptile owner, make sure that you know the emotional responses that are natural to these species.

 When it comes to their diet, chameleons can thrive on meal worms or wax worms. They also need food each day. Depending on the species, you can feed them once or twice a day. But they should have constant access to food. However, when they get older, you can feed them less often.


Chameleons are Colorful and in Demand


 Then, make sure that you also stock up on necessary supplements. they need them for their continual health. Even if they eat crickets, you still need to give them vitamins and minerals.

 Should you decide to own a chameleon as a pet, consider purchasing a cage and the animal. Some shops that sell reptiles for pets offer their chameleons for free when you buy an enclosure and its necessary caging elements.

 If you wish to know more about chameleons and other reptiles for pets, call us 818-654-9441. Our staff will be ready to assist and answer all questions about chameleons.

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